Skagen in Summer

“How do you know Skagen?” said a curious Danish friend who believed I was probably the only Indian visiting Skagen. “I have a Skagen watch” came my reply immediately with a smile. “…which you bought in India?” enquired my friend looking for a more convincing answer. To my nod in confirmation, he said “The girl with Skagen watch came looking for Skagen”.

Skagen Denmark: Most of the Google search results on “Skagen” will lead you to this Danish watch collection. To my surprise I found out the existence of Skagen after several years of owning a Skagen watch. I found out that Skagen also happens to be Denmark’s Northernmost town, a fishing village known for its unique landscape.

Infact the logo of Skagen Denmark is a symbol of the meeting of 2 seas Skagerrak & Kattegat at Grenen, the tip of Skagen. Who knew I was actually carrying a lucky charm in the form of my Skagen watch only to discover its beautiful existence on earth later one day.

Skagen town houses these yellow buildings all over so much so that this yellow colour here is called Skagen-yellow.
Maybe money really does grow on trees ! says author Charles Ferro who explains how the Danish Christmas tree market touched 1 billion kroner (article)


It’s decided! Next time I see a falling star, I would wish for a Skagenish holiday home. I have never before enjoyed walking so much in the surroundings of such beautiful nature. I shall return to this Danish land again…

Hjorths hotel in Kandestederne is at 10 minutes walk from the beach. You spot pines of all shapes & sizes on either side of the road on your way to the beach. Such an admirable view! Also the Danish houses with green grass-covered roofs in this region are a beauty to behold. You spot a handful of them hiding behind the hillocks that are also covered with grass.


Imagine living in a house hidden behind the hillocks next to a serene beach? When warm & sunny, all you have to do is trek down the hillock to the beach. It would have been my family tradition, Soirées plages (Beach evenings)! Outdoor life would be so much fun, beautiful & right at your doorstep!


The beauty of Skagen peninsular region is that you will never run short of activities. Start your day with jogging at the beach in the company of an adorable sunrise, then have a sumptuous Danish breakfast always served with love, go cycling in the woods, enjoy your lunch served in a garden of pine woods, then go hiking the sand dunes at Råbjerg Mile and just before the night settles in catch a breathtaking view of sunset at another beach by crossing the beautiful forest lanes on your bicycle, also spotting the beautiful Danes’ holiday homes hidden away in the forests.

My abode near Hulsig was Hotel Inger. Accessible easily both by bus & train, Hotel Inger was my home away from home. Anne-Christine & her family were my favorite hosts in Denmark.



Råbjerg Mile

Life is an adventure. And every mile in Skagen is filled with it. After the beaches of Kandestederne & Hulsig, it was time to explore the Northern Europe’s largest migrating sand dunes. When in Skagen, think no more! Grab your bicycle & ride to Råbjerg Mile! Remember when the journey is beautiful, you need not worry about the destination.

Oh my ! Does it look like a difficult one to hike? Do not be fooled. As for me it has been the most enjoyable hike in my life. It’s quick. It’s fun. You can walk bare foot. And the view is breathtaking from up there.


Isn’t it a wonderful view, aye?
Have you ever ran down a sand dune?


Grenen is one of the hundredth reason why I chose to come to Skagen. Grenen is the Northern tip of Denmark where the 2 seas Skagerrak & Kattegat meet. Unique as it sounds, it is also known for its unique sea life including the sea worms & seals.

Sandormen (sand worm) bus takes you to the tip of Grenen in 5 minutes or…
You could also take a walk by the sandy beach to reach the tip of Denmark. Either way it is an unforgettable experience
A star that fell from the sky into the ocean…! I wonder why they say never ask a starfish for directions


Love exploring nature? Up for an adventure? Have a soft spot for cycling? Adore beaches? Curious about seas? What are you still looking for???? Skagen is the place you should be visiting next summer.

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