Aerial View of Europe

Every cloud has a silver lining was what I associated clouds with until I heard something different. The obvious but thoughtful ! Today I was about to see a live demonstration of what I am talking about. Precisely !

“Sun always shines above the clouds!” ~ Paul F Davis

Three days to New Year’s Eve & the weather at Charles de Gaulle International Airport (below the clouds) was as usual under the spell of thick clouds blocking sun & Vitamin D to Parisians. One would have given up hope of seeing sun anytime sooner. Sun was certainly on my mind with many thoughts criss-crossing my mind before boarding my flight to Bahrain.

Next morning I shall have plenty of sun in my country India was my self-assurance to the sad mood set by the clouds. The last 15 days of almost zero sunlight in Scandinavia & the Baltics was weighing heavily on my mind. Less bothered by the clouds over Paris or their dull effect on weather or us, I boarded the flight. Comfortably seated in my window seat, I dosed off almost immediately as the whole classic airport hassle was finally over. From check-in to immigration check to security check & boarding; it’s too much to take in sometimes. Too tiring perhaps ? Don’t you think ? But few minutes into my power nap, bright light from the window woke me up as if into a beautiful dream. The view of clouds was breathtaking. Glowing with soft sun rays, the thick clouds seemed to me like a secret world of clouds above in the blue sky.

“The sky and sun are always there. It’s the clouds that come and go.”

~ Rachel Joyce

Phenomenal !
A kingdom of clouds in the sky above Sartrouville in France

And there he was ! The sun ! Shining above the clouds ! Shining on my side of the clouds ! And I did not have to wait until the next morning. For a moment my thoughts went out to those poor guys in Paris (below the dark clouds). Moments ago I was deprived of sun. And now the sun-fortune was shining bright on my side.

From an altitude of 35,000 feet I had now seen the sun & the gorgeous secret kingdom of clouds. Sometimes I feel a different perspective is all we need. Next few hours until clouds did not bother me again from Turkey onwards, I had my lunch with a breathtaking aerial view of Europe by my window side which you will discover shortly. In the end my eyes were glued to the window for the next 4 hours admiring Europe like never before. The pictures were taken by iPhone X. And GPS location for iPhone pictures was handy too.

Which blue would that be ?
Forêt de la Bresse, Forest of Bresse near Colmar, France-Germany border
Across the German border above Steinen
After a short transit over Germany, we are in Swiss airspace over Rickenbach

“How sweet to be a cloud. Floating in the blue !”

~ A A Milne

In Switzerland below the border of Liechtenstein over Bad Ragaz
Igis, Switzerland
Sankt Margrethenberg,  Pfäfers, Switzerland
Sankt Margrethenberg,  Pfäfers, Switzerland
Landquart-Fabriken, Iris, Switzerland
Davos Dorf, Switzerland
Klosters, near Swiss-Austrian border
Stelvio, Swiss-Italian border
Stelvio, Swiss-Italian border
View from Adriatic Sea
View from Adriatic Sea

“Clouds, they make a painting out of the sky.”

~ Marty Rubin

View from Adriatic Sea
View from Adriactic Sea
Jadransko more, Croatia
Durrës, port city of Albania
Tirana, Albania
Tirana, Albania
Elbasan, Albania
Gramsh, center of Albania
Korçë, Albania
Korçë, Albania
Ventzio, Greece
Deskati, Greece

©Anusha Sakkari | All the images used in the article may be subject to copyright

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