Arlanda Airport in Stockholm welcomes you to the Capital of Scandinavia. Norway, Denmark & Sweden form Scandinavia. But Stockholm as the crown of the Scandinavian League, should be a special place. Right ? If you ask me to pick my Scandinavian favourite out of Oslo, Copenhagen & Stockholm; it would be a hard choice personally after having seen them all. I find every them very unique, different & incomparable. Matchless beauties !

Speaking of Stockholm, I was not only welcomed to a warm hospitality; but also Stockholm’s transfixing fine architecture. The bridges of Gamla Stan trick you into following them one after the other. I was told that Swedish language is like music to your ears. I found out fir myself during a Scandinavian Christmas tour. And I confirm !! Swedish restaurants just like in other Scandinavian cities serve delicious & “generous” portions of food (as compared to Paris where I have lived for over 2 years). There’s no complaining at all. I was overjoyed with glögg, gingerbread & live (I mean not artificial but real) Christmas trees. Scandinavian Christmas is indeed magical. Since I was in Stockholm in December, I also had a glimpse of Nordic winter & its short dark days. Stockholm archipelago, the 4th largest archipelago in the world ( with about 30,000 islands & islets in the Baltic Sea welcomed me to an unforgettable island delight. I must confess it’s such a relief to communicate in English. All these million small things made my Scandinavian escapade one of the finest & best in Europe.

Ta da ! Didn’t I say one of the best in Europe !
Don’t you think ?
What do you say now ?
Will you not fall in love with this ?
Or this ?
And this ?
View of Stockholm city transforms into a painting at the stroke of sunset
This December during my visit to Stockholm, I saw as little as 7 hours of daylight with sunrise by 08:30 & sunset by 15:30. Winter in Scandinavia is one-of-a-kind experience !
Town hall of Stockholm
The House of Nobility
14 islands in Lake Mälaren constitute Stockholm. It’s also interesting to know that Lake Mälaren is 3rd largest lake in Sweden.
One of many architectural marvels of Old Town of Stockholm, Gamla Stan, the legendary town between the bridges
Fishing right in the heart of Stockholm ! The water is so clean that you can go swimming too !
Gustav Adolfs Torg
The Royal Palace
Is there a greater delight than having the right perspective ?
Postcard perfect picture from Stockholm
In a mood to play artist by sunset, the Sun painted the city of Stockholm golden & yellow with a stroke of his soft rays.
Just a simple lakeside walkway…
Stockholm Ferry Terminals (seen from the other side of the lake)
Transport in a city is like oxygen for humans. The lifeline that helps life flourish in all possible directions.
Ups & downs of a lane… Interesting landscape !
Inside a boat restaurant : The Red Boat
The illuminated kingdom of Stockholm

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