It’s no big surprise that Normandy region (Normandie) of France is home to some of the legendary French artists like Christian DIOR, a grand couturier from Granville & Claude MONET, founder of French Impressionist painting from Giverny. This region has been an immense inspiration & influence to their artistic creations.

Claude Monet’s house (La Maison de Monet) has made this tiny idyllic French village of Giverny a beautiful legacy making it the 2nd most visited place in Normandie after Mont-Saint-Michel. A legacy left behind by Monet for all of us to cherish his love for nature & flowers !! He spends 40 years of his life here devoting himself completely in the creation of splendid gardens (le jardin de l’eau, clos normand, les estampes japonaises), first of its kind in France in late 1800s. Monet’s painting series on Water Lilies of monumental size for that era Les Nymphéas, found in Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris, is a masterpiece of French Impressionist paintings.

This is how Monet’s world of flowers looks like in spring.
Jardin de l’eau welcomes you to this spectacular view of lively colourful splash of spring.
Isn’t this a fortune ? If you have such a garden waiting patiently for you to visit everyday… Let yourself relax on a bench with a cup of tea & simply enjoy the fragrance & beauty that nature has to offer you.
How about walking on the Japanese bridge ?
It is as if the kingdom of flowers decided to settle down in Monet’s gardens for eternity. Only to be reborn every spring year after year…
Though I am not a botanist, these gardens do inspire me to learn more about the charming world of living colours.
Let’s go into Monet’s house in a bit. Until then let’s go see Le clos normand gardens in front the house. Scroll down !
Would you like to walk under these green arches of clos normand to visit Monet ?
A rainbow of colours under the sky !!
Voilà ! View from Monet’s bed room : Who would not like to wake up to this view ?

You have to be there to believe it !! Never imagined that a yellow-themed dining hall could add so much life to a house. Have a look for yourself on this virtual tour here.
Forget the Monday blues !! How about a happy blue kitchen ?

Virtual tour of the kitchen here
Before we say goodbye to this abode of beauty… One last view of the gardens. Look ! Doesn’t it look like a piece of art ?

If you want to know more about Monet’s life & his works, here are some useful links:

Mini Bio : Claude Monet in English

Fondation Claude Monet

Virtual tour of Monet’s House

The Best Places To See Monet’s Art in Paris

©Anusha Sakkari | All images in the article may be subject to copyright

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