Western Ghats are India’s best kept nature’s secret. These Indian Occidental mountain ranges stretch across 6 states running over 1,600 Kms bordering Arabian sea. A UNESCO World heritage site with dense rain forests, one of the world’s 8 hottest hot-spots of biodiversity, eco-tourism and not to forget the mindfulness you find in the lap of nature away from the “urban noise”. Name it and you have it !

Amidst this nature’s divine luxury, Dandeli is a gem of the Sahyadris (Western Ghats) situated in the state of Karnataka. Kali river flowing in its valleys & chirping birds welcome you to a charming & peaceful abode for your soul to rejoice. According to me, a pure indulgence of pleasure with nature would be simply taking a drive in the lush green mountains during the monsoons. You don’t need a destination as this journey into the nature in itself is breathtaking & will be etched in your memory forever. Simply unforgettable !!

Even better ! River resorts for a get away where you quench in water sports for an adventurous journey. Or do you wish for a whole stretch of a river-side all for yourself? Or if you want to be just with the nature, hop on a Jungle Safari to spot the Hornbills or wild animals. If you are looking for just a peaceful day, roe your boat in the Kali river surrounded by greenery all around. You can have lunch accompanied by a breath-taking view of the river & an unparalleled green ambiance unique to this land. It just turns out to be a paradise for admirers of nature. Also a much needed NIRVANA !

People enjoying kayaking at Bison river resort
Passing by the woods under the Mango trees sitting in a boat just makes the child in me come alive. It makes me fall in love with nature all over again.

If you knew the tribal language of Zulu spoken in South Africa, you could probably describe the different hues of green in 39 different words (for green). How wonderful that would be !! (Reference : Intercultural Communication : A Peacebuilding Perspective)

How about you tell me how many kinds of green you spot here in Zulu language ?

As for me, it’s become a tradition. Visiting Dandeli is like going on a pilgrimage of nature. It’s important and it’s needed for your soul. And it’s loads of fun ! It’s a place that has given me wonderful memories. A place for the adventure-kid in me. A place of tranquility that fills me with joy. A place of beauty & just beauty all around.

Beautiful isn’t it ?

©Anusha Sakkari | All images in the article may be subject to copyright

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