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Bastille Day with Iron Lady of France

It was a long wait, indeed! Nearly 2 years! Just 2 weeks after Bataclan terrorist attacks, I made a disappointed visit to Montparnasse Tower Panoramic Observation Deck in December 2015 with the hope to catch a glimpse of La Dame en fer de Paris (the Iron Lady of Paris) from the tallest building in Paris. But to my disappointment, she was kept in darkness that evening. A year later, I also missed the 2017 New Year’s feu d’artifice (fireworks) at La tour Eiffel by just few minutes again.

But here I was on the terrace of Montparnasse this 14th of July thinking of how all these missed opportunities had led me to one of the most perfect occasions to be where I am. Le 14 juillet (as we say in French), 14th July 1789 marked an important day for the French Revolution. There I was thinking of Maximilien ROBESPIERRE, Camille DESMOULINS, George DANTON who guided the French Revolution towards success. Thanks to whom, today we are celebrating this very day in a free world.

It was an evening of the Iron Lady in a myriad of spectacular colours & beautiful fireworks that would satiate not only your eyes but also your soul. You will see for yourself in a moment. Such a memorable evening it was! My date with Iron Lady of France, the masterpiece of Alexandre Gustave EIFFEL on the evening of Bastille Day was all about getting to know more of the French elegance of this Parisien Lady. Don’t you agree?

Just one of many beautiful colours of the Iron Lady. More to come shortly. Stay tuned!

On the windy terrace of Montparnasse, the evening went by watching the sun set before us alongside La tour Eiffel. You would never forget this beautiful evening in your life. The debatable French weather was in our favour too this evening with no rains & nearly clear skies. Good Omen you see!

Parisien Sunset with Iron Lady getting ready for the big spectacle of the evening.

While we passionately waited for the clock to strike 11:00 PM for the fireworks to begin, the lady who stood next to me had already warned me: “Once the fireworks start, you will not realise how quickly this half an hour will pass”.  She loved watching fireworks & had already watched the fireworks from a Seine River cruise & here she was to witness the evening all over again but from Montparnasse.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Hence, without much chattering let me present to you the Iron Lady on the eve of the Fête Nationale 2017. French Revolution brought Égalité, Liberté and Fraternité into the French society. Celebrations apart, I hope we will not forget the cost paid by the sacrifice of lives of millions of people back in time and that because of their sacrifice, we are able to rejoice living in this great country today.

This indeed was one of the most memorable gifts of Paris. I will let you enjoy the photo album! Do not forget to leave your words of appreciation or any positive feedback that could help me improve the blog. Until next time!
About to get into tricolore mode!
The enchanting tour Eiffel in tricolore(blue-blanc-rouge) – the French flag colours
Here we go! The spectacular show has just begun!
Feu d’artifice (fireworks) embellishing the elegant Iron Lady
Vive la République! Vive la France!

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