Date with Tromsø

Sami-Reindeer-farm-Norway-giftofparis.comAs promised, I would not bore you with a book but here are the highlights of my Arctic Sejour in Tromsø. Life in the Arctic conditions is indeed unique & you can find yourself as close as possible to nature here. It is as if you are having a conversation with nature. Everything speaks to you here. I mean beauty is in everything that you will carry that beauty with you as good memories “forever”.

Visit to a Reindeer Farm

Sami people belong to a tribe that is very close to nature. They understand, love & know how to live with nature without destroying it. Some are fishermen. Some are reindeer herding groups. Some are normal people like you & me.

This wonderful Sami family who takes care of the farm came up with an idea to gather their reindeer’s herd during the winter & feed them to help them survive until the Spring. The group organizing these visits is also fighting against the Government’s decision to build a port nearby (as far as I remember) which would mean the demolition of this farm. So if you are visiting Tromsø, do visit this farm in support of the group trying to save it. And don’t forget to pour your heart on Trip Advisor.

After the sledge-ride, reindeer-feeding & all the photography you ever wanted, you will be served a hot reindeer stew inside the hut. Believe me! It’s delicious. Sami-tribe-norway-giftofparis.comIn the end, the Head of the Sami family will tell you about the Sami culture, their struggle to save the nature against the force of global warming. He finishes the visit by a Sami yodel (a self-driven song that has no meaning actually. It depends on the place & its vibes). The Arctic snow, the surroundings & the yodeling is just so unique to this place. You have to be there to witness it. You have goose bumps! I wouldn’t say it’s such a coincidence. But this particular incident keeps me wondering how mysterious life is. While at the farm, I wanted to put on a Sami dress & take a picture as a souvenir of the beautiful day spent with them. I was told that only people with Sami inheritance are allowed to wear it usually. And somehow with the intervention of my guide, I was granted permission for a good reason of creating good memories. Later, my mom reminded me that my ancestors were from an ancient tribe too. So believe it or not, I did have some tribal inheritance that guided me that day & I was happy & not guilty of anything.

Learning cross-country ski in the birthplace of ski
Norway is said to be the birthplace of the ski. While our guide was telling this story on our way to Breivikeidet the night we went chasing the Lady Aurora, the bus driver confirmed us that they have a saying in Norway that if someone has a painful delivery of a baby, they say the baby might have come out with the ski boots on. 😉 He was kidding for sure. But how funny it is! It fits the situation 😉

Snow is very intimidating to me. I am still in the process of discovering why. I find it very close to my heart. Tromsø was the first completely snow-covered place I have ever visited. Though now in June with the mid-night sun, the snow has all melted away only to come back again during the winters with the Northern Lights. We never forget the Lady Aurora in this part of the world. Like Brits & French discuss the weather, the Bangaloreans discuss the traffic, the Norwegians up in the Arctic region discuss the Lady Aurora. Last night, we saw Lady Aurora from my bedroom while sleeping. Did you too…?

Talking of the snow & ski, I felt skiing is like flying. It gives you the wings to fly. All I ever wanted! You just let yourself flow with the snow & wind. Learning to ski in the birthplace of ski was indeed a very special experience.

Visit to the world’s Northernmost brewery – Aurora Spirit

You cannot come back from the land of Vikings without knowing nothing about the secrets of the Arctic & its age-old whiskey making. It is here in these places as cold as Arctic, you really need alcohol for survival & no doubt they are the best at it.

The journey itself was hypnotically wonderful. From Tromsø to Breivikeidet in bus & then a ferry ride followed by a bus ride again with the snow-covered Lyngen Alps on both sides of your route was just spellbinding. It was an enchanting one hour ride to Lyngseidet where Aurora Spirit is located near the tip of a serene lake, along with the old NATO tunnels, & surrounded by the Lyngen Alps. I was like if only I had an office to work like this!!!!! You look outside & there is Lady Aurora paying you a friendly visit. How wonderful it would be! Norwegians are bestowed with so much beauty in the nature that they too have captured it in their hearts😉

Again a very friendly staff at Aurora Spirit. Bivrost is the brand name of the alcohol manufactured here. It’s unique as it’s made out of glacier water & local herbs. Just like some Belgium beers which are unique due to the water. Also as in the South of India, Kancheevaram silk sarees are said to have a unique shine owing to a local river water used to dye the silk in Kancheepuram.

Long story short! It was indeed one of most wonderful gifts that Paris had ever given me so far. The journey from one Paris to another Paris was a journey worth living. Let’s see if Life takes me back again to my mythical sister Aurora 😉 I hope you all enjoyed it reading as much as I enjoyed revisiting the good memories to narrate it to you. Until next time then. Keep making good memories & do not forget to share them!
Until next time! Folks may Aurora be with you.

©Anusha Sakkari | All images in the article may be subject to copyright

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