Anusha visits Aurora

View of Tromsø from Storsteinen

Aurora brings me to the Arctic

What can I tell you about Aurora. From the French Capital Paris to the Paris of North (Tromsø, Norway) in the Arctic, I went to the ends of the world to find Aurora. If Aurora is Roman Goddess of dawn, me, Anusha is beautiful morning. Aurora never leaves Polar region. So I had to go find my godly sister! She is mischievous. Very moody at times. She shows up whenever she wants. She is infamous for standing you up especially when you go after her. But she is every nature lovers’ dream. From Vikings to Romans to Canadian Indians, Aurora has been a fascination to human imagination.

A lady from Belgium I met at the Basecamp told me she saw the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis on her 6th visit to the Arctic on the night of 1st of March 2017. Then there are people in the Arctic who live in the land of Aurora.

This whole Finding Aurora mission made me realise that traveling is not just about going on a vacation to de-stress. Traveling is much much more. People travel for a lot of reasons. For work, for love, for family, for celebrations, for fun or for forgetting something (or someone).  Whatever your reason might be, just remember that life will be only as beautiful as you make it. In the end, you only have as many good memories as you make them.

“The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Robert Dahl

Aurora Safari

To catch a good view of Aurora we need 3 things: darkness, low temperatures & clear skies. Tonight it was GO GO GO! We were a group of 20 people on an Aurora Safari headed to Breivikeidet Base Camp away from the bright lights of Tromsø city. We were expected to hit a jackpot tonight because of the geomagnetic storm that would exponentially increase the chance of seeing Aurora.

All our eyes were glued to the bus window during this 45-minutes drive into the mountains. Ice was broken by our guide who got us talking about Norway, the Northern lights & the Norwegians.

However you could feel the impatience. Nothing could divert our attention from Aurora tonight. And Aurora was still hiding from our sight!! “What if! What if my whole Arctic expedition turns out to be a debacle after all… Was I silly to come so far in search of some lights???” my mind had started to question my plans & actions.

As Robert Dahl said I had to believe in the power of magic that was yet to unfold. We reached the Basecamp with hearts full of hope & eyes full of curiosity. The impatience finally broke when I got off the bus & looked up in the dark sky. And the next moment I find myself screaming like a child out of joy… “Look up everyone!!” 

Mythical fire fox running in the Arctic snow-covered mountains to Finns

There she was. Aurora in all her spectacular aura. I had hit the jackpot the very first time. At first I could not believe my eyes. I rubbed my eyes and looked back again. Now the lights were dancing in the sky !! It was like a concert of lights in the sky. Pink, grey, green colours forming curtains & bands & rolling into one another; twisting & turning & chasing one another before disappearing slowly into the dark. There is no end to your imagination of how you see auroral lights. Then I hear, “Look over there!”. I turned around to see another spectacular show of lights. And the spectacle went on whole night.

Goddess of dawn to Romans

The night was magical. My heart was full of joy. I was now decoding human’s fascination for Aurora. The feeling of “What if…” while in the bus had now transformed into “Why not…”. Life is a mystery after all. And it could not get any better. I lived my Aurora-dream. And I would say it’s time to chase yours.  

A dance of human spirits to Canadian Indians
Bivröst, bridge of Gods to Vikings
Bad omen to Samis
They even say if you listen carefully, you can hear the lights speaking.

Picture Credits © Tromso Safari © Anusha Sakkari

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