The capital I fell for…

Geneva accounts to be a heavenly place on earth surrounded by snow-clad mountains, turquoise blue Geneva lake and light blue skies with beauty beyond words. You can only be here and appreciate the beauty around. The Genevans are surely having the best Europe can offer.


With 41% international crowd, Geneva is the capital city of a country that is the birthplace of Red Cross & a negotiator of peace during the difficult times in the world. Geneva is also the home to one of the UNO Headquarters where the flags of 195 countries stand in peace with each other compared to the contrary in reality.

In front of UN Headquarters stands a gigantic 12m high Broken Chair designed by Swiss artist Daniel Berset for voicing concerns against military violence in the world. Also now a place of political demonstrations.


In the UNO premises, you will also find a statue of Mahatma Gandhiji, one of the most important contributors to world peace. “My life is my message” is etched on the stone below the statue reinstating the importance of conduct of peace over hatred. The world is in need of more “PeaceMakers” than “PeaceBreakers”. We have already had holocausts for silliest of the reasons possible. What we have really not seen is a united beautiful world with an integrated beauty of diversity. Such a wonderful world it would be!


(Pssst! The peacocks in UNO gardens are a gift from India I was told.)

By the way! Did you know? Peacock is the national bird of India.

One of the reasons of my travels also happens to be the a quest for a city which I can call my home. Geneva is one of the main contenders after Tromsø (Norway) & Gibraltar.

Laughs shared are the memories created. While in Geneva, I asked a shopkeeper if I could pay in Euros instead of Swiss Francs. He replies with a smile that they even accept gold coins in Switzerland.

Even if you do not wish to visit any museums or anything touristy, the life is just so beautiful around the Geneva Lake. Especially in the evening with all the lights on, it’s just a surreal place to be. The swans, the ships & the water jet in the background, a peaceful evening walk will fill your heart with content. Or even better! get something to eat or drink & have a small picnic by the lakeside.

I will let you see for yourself the most amazing & surprising facts about Switzerland in this video. (Video credit: Top Lists)

Life is so beautiful around you. As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You just have to be open towards it.

Until next time! Hope you will find the beauty around you.


©Anusha Sakkari | All images in the article may be subject to copyright

2 thoughts on “The capital I fell for…

    1. Thank you so much my dear friend 🙂 I am sure Geneva will not disappoint you at all. And I look forward to hearing your experience as well.


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